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Improve attention in your patients in 5 weeks.


Is TALi Train Right for Your Practice?

TALi Train is backed by 25 years of research. It is the world's first digital early intervention program, clinically proven to strengthen attention in young children.


Digital Treatment: Alternate first line intervention or supplement to medication.


Created for little ones with developing minds ages 3-8.


Designed for children with autism, ADHD and other attention difficulties.


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Improve Attention in Your Patients in 5 Weeks.

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How TALi Train Works

Delivered via tablet technology, TALi Train is a family focused and clinically validated early intervention program. With parental support and supervision, children complete 25 training sessions over a 5-week period. A child's improvements are measured via a reporting system which will help you, the clinician, tailor future treatment to the needs of your patient.

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What patients are saying about TALi Train

Bring Digital Treatment to Your Practice

Treating children with attention problems can be difficult depending on a child's age. With a world-first digital medicine like TALi Train, you have a new, non-invasive, and clinically proven early intervention in your toolkit. TALi Train can be prescribed as complementary to existing treatments including medication‌, making it a strong addition to your practice.


digital treatment

Can be used alongside a diagnosed child's medication or as an alternative first line intervention.


Clinically proven

TALi Train is proven to improve attention and numeracy in children with attention difficulties ages 3-8.



Delivered via tablet, TALi Train is a fun and simple to follow game-based digital treatment. All that's needed is some parental support/supervision.

TALi Train:
Improving the attention of young children globally

Improved attention benefits everyone. Here's what your patients and their families can expect after completing TALi Train.


At School

The ability to ignore distractions

Improved focus and concentration

Less impulsive and more considered responses i.e less calling out


At home

Improved self-managing behaviour

Increased self-esteem

Less interrupting and better self-awareness

Digital Treatment for Your Practice

TALi Train will offer your patients a clinically proven, non-invasive support for attention problems. Help your patients find their happy.