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Attention impacts how kids feel, how they learn and how they develop. If you still have questions, we have answers.

Educators interested in TALi Train

FAQs from teachers, principals and other educators who are interested in TALi Train.

Parents interested in TALi Train

FAQs from parents when researching TALi Train for their child.

Parents using TALi Train

FAQs from parents using TALi Train in their household.

Educators interested in TALi Train

FAQs from teachers, principals and other educators who are interested in TALi Train.

Parents interested in TALi Train

FAQs from parents when researching TALi Train for their child.

Parents using TALi Train

FAQs from parents using TALi Train in their household.

Educators interested in TALi Train

Here you'll find frequently asked questions from teachers, principals and other educators who are researching TALi Train with the intention of bringing the 5 week training program into their school or classroom.

TALi Train is provided to schools through an annual license. Your package includes:
  • Access to the TALi Train program for a specified number of students
  • Onboarding — TALi facilitates onboarding so can you focus on education
  • Training for all staff members administering or supervising the TALi Train program
  • A dedicated account manager to assist during the initial implementation period and throughout the program
  • Direct access to IT liaison for technical queries
  • Ongoing support throughout the program administration — by phone, email or in person if needed
  • Parent and Educator access to each child’s progress through a dashboard
  • “Completion of program” downloadable progress report

We work with schools that have single students, groups and even whole classes using TALi Train. In fact, there is no limit to the number of children we can set up to use TALi Train at your school, you are only limited by the number of WiFi tablets you have available.

Schools often approach parents to offer the opportunity for children to take part in TALi Train as a school readiness program.

Yes. The program was originally created to be used by children with significant attention and learning difficulties who had a developmental age between 3-8, however, clinical trials have shown that TALi Train increases attention skills in both children with developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and neuro-typical children (aged 4-9 years).

Children that struggle with attention often find an educational setting challenging. Educators see first hand how some children get left behind in the class if they cannot learn, participate or understand concepts because they find it difficult to pay attention.

If a child struggles with attention they may have problems engaging in classroom activities, they might daydream or in some cases become disruptive, which can have an impact on the whole class.

TALi Train was developed to build and strengthen core attention skills early, to help children improve their capacity to learn and take part in life. The program targets the four core attention skills:

  • Selective attention: blocking out those distractions that can interrupt a child’s focus – computers humming, lights flickering, conversation near by, other movement or activity in the classroom.
  • Focus: Concentrating when learning something new. Maintaining attention on a task over a period of time.
  • Control: Choosing what to attend to and what to ignore.
  • Inhibition: Developing the ability to act in a less impulsive manner.

A class where children can pay attention and take part in all the activities benefits everyone, including the teacher and other students.

TALi Train is an Australian owned and operated business. We have people on the ground in Australia to support you, they are accessible via email, phone and even in person when necessary.

The first step is to contact us to arrange a demonstration, or site visit. We understand that the way each school implements the program will change depending on their culture, staff, resources, and curriculum.

Our TALi Team will support you to facilitate TALi Train in your school according to your needs.

Teachers, wellbeing staff and visiting health care professionals may identify students who need to build attention, schools will often then approach parents for support so they can offer the program to more children.

TALi Train is also a great school readiness program to prepare pre-schoolers for their education journey.

Our current educational providers often create programs including:

  • Individual students with a support staff or wellbeing supervisor
  • Small groups of 4-5 students with a support staff or wellbeing supervisor
  • Whole class programs
  • Creation of or integration with a school readiness program

Like everyone at your school, we are always learning. In some cases creating the best training environment is simple, and sometimes we have to be creative. If you have questions or a unique educational environment please contact us.

The beauty of TALi Train is that all you need are WiFi enabled tablets that use either the Android or iOS systems. You only need to connect to WiFi when you download the program, log in or upload results, it is not necessary when a child is playing the game.

Your child can stay logged in so that you can go for long periods of time without needing WiFi.

Because the The TALi Train program was created for children with a developmental age of 3-8, it can be beneficial for children in:

  • Early Learning Centres (ELC)
  • Pre-prep programs
  • Prep
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2

TALi Train is based on more than 25 years of research. The clinical trials and data that underpin the TALi Train program show that it is possible to increase the attention skills of both children with attention disorders and neuro-typical children.

TALi Train works through neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to change and adapt to recurrent stimuli. Although neuroplasticity is present in the adult brain it is in the early childhood years when the brain is most malleable, that it is most responsive to change.

TALi Train taps the brain’s neuroplasticity over the 5 week training period to build core neural pathways to strengthen attention. It was developed for children aged 3 – 8. If you would like to know more about the research behind TALi Train you can download our research compendium.

TALi offers a complimentary presentation to your staff and/or parent body on the importance of attention for childhood development and learning, and how TALi Train can help children develop core attention skills. To request a presentation, please contact us.

TALi Train is designed to be delivered via iOS and Android tablets. You can review our full device support list here

The TALi portal is accessible through the web browser,
For full browser support please review of list here

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