TALi Training Package

5 Week Intensive Cognitive Training Program For Kids.

Build core attention skills with cognitive training

TALi TRAIN targets networks in your child’s brain to improve attention.

Benefits of Attention Training for Children

TALi TRAIN is a 5 week cognitive training program for children, proven to build attention skills. Reported benefits from research trials and feedback include:


Improved educational performance


Stronger peer relationships


Higher self-esteem and self-regard


Elevated family cohesiveness


Greater emotional regulation


Improved concentration and selection

Improving attentional skills in children can have amazing short and long term benefits not only for the child but also for people around them.

Program Considerations

Like any other training program, brain training takes hard work. TALi TRAIN was designed to turn work into play. Kids love support and structure.

Studies show that parental engagement has an impact on treatment or training outcomes. When you’re sitting next to your little one for 20 minutes, you’re being consistent with your message, ‘this is important’. If they see you valuing this time, so will they.

TALi TRAIN is designed to be used by both neurotypical and neurodiverse children. No two kids are the same so you may need different structures in place to create improvements.

TALi Training: What To Expect

TALi TRAIN is an intensive cognitive training program that requires about 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Like any intensive training, the participant, your child, may experience boredom or fatigue due to the repetitive nature of training. We tend to see the following trends throughout the program:

Week 1

Kids engage with the new program. Parents learn what works.

Week 2

Kids begin to fatigue and may experience boredom. Parent support increases.

Week 3

Kids unlock a new theme at the end of session 10 and find renewed engagement. Parents increase encouragement.

Week 4

Kids again show signs of fatigue and boredom. Parents provide incentives.

Week 5

Kids may lose interest. Parents further increase encouragement.

Program Completion

Kids want to continue playing TALi TRAIN. Parents use other techniques to build on TALi TRAIN at home.

Training For Success

A family-centred approach to early intervention is proven to increase the likelihood of success. Therefore, we recommend the following actions to improve engagement:

Prepare your family for TALi

Educate your child’s teacher on TALi

Explain “Why TALi TRAIN?” to your child

Create a schedule for ‘TALi Time’

Sit with your child during training

Ask questions in the parent community

Cognitive training program results are enhanced by using learnings from training in real life. Practice what your child has learnt at home or in school. Repetition will reinforce the neural pathways and help them relate daily activities to exercises in TALi TRAIN.


Measuring Improvement From Attention Training

TALi TRAIN is clinically proven to boost aspects of attention and reduce inattentive/hyperactive behaviour in children. Children who show improved attention go through a strict training regime. As each child is different, results may vary. Improvements are measured in the following ways:


Improvement in pre/post training questionnaire.


Compliance* with the TALi TRAIN program.


Progress on the TALi TRAIN program.


Performance on the TALi TRAIN program.


Gains in everyday life (ie. social and academic skills).

*Compliance is defined as playing, fully, the recommended 25 sessions over a 5 week period.

Stronger minds mean happier kids.

Kids with good attention do better and feel better. Get started with TALi and gift your child a better future.