A message from our CEO

Tali Health

April 6, 2020 . 2 minute read

As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, the effect on everyone’s life is significant, especially the most vulnerable and developing groups of our society. It’s vital that we all respond to these unprecedented challenges in ways that are thoughtful, responsible and compassionate. At the same time, as we change our behaviour to minimise the health effects of the coronavirus, we need to ensure that our future – our children – still receive the best possible moral, health, education and spiritual guidance.

At TALi, our vision is to “ensure every child gets the ATTENTION they deserve”. In these uncertain times, finding ways to have a positive impact on children is a goal that we all can share.

TALi is a proud Australian technology business that has set a goal of helping the hundreds of millions of children who struggle with lack of attention. As a ‘Global from Day One’ enterprise, we are well-positioned to achieve this goal in the coming years. With the support of those in the healthcare and education sectors, as well as from parents and children, we will deliver this Australian success story to the world.

TALi is about HOPE and giving children the best chance of succeeding. Lack of attention is a major childhood issue but resources are available to guide children through their early development. Our technology solutions are leading the way globally in this area, and are proven to help children with their attention, behaviour and learning.

During this period, we are supplying the community with numerous resources to help parents and their children navigate this changing world. Our first initiative has been to develop a Happier Kids Kit as a free resource for parents managing children at home.

Through the generous support of expert organisations in the field of children’s health and wellbeing, we have compiled information, activities and advice for maintaining the good mental health of children during this period, so all families can be given the opportunity to flourish under trying circumstances. We will continue to create tools that are not only valuable at this critical moment but remain useful into the future.

Finally, I want to thank our staff and partners for their commitment and support during this pandemic, and would like to acknowledge the extraordinary work being performed by health and education professionals all over the world.

Stay well, stay safe and know that our children are counting on us to come together as one.

Glenn Smith

Managing Director

TALi Digital